Heavenly wisdom

Myth and Astrology

The beauty of the stars has inspired all humans for thousands of years. Seers of ancient times perceived the cosmos as an expression of a divine order. Their inspirations have poured them into mythical stories full of wisdom. They looked at chaos, space and time, the Sun, the Moon, the stars, and the planets and the Earth as gods. From the origin of the universe to human nature, all essentials were described by them. This wealth of knowledge and wisdom is still available to us today.

In this book the most important myths of the zodiac and planets are told and completely new interpreted. The approaches of esoteric astrology are found in the same way as those of spiritual astrology. Whoever does not want to memorize the meanings of astrological symbols, but wants to get them out from himself, does not miss the original texts. And he'll be amazed. What does a Gemini have to do with conflicts and complications, why is a Virgin a sign of transformation, why is Libra not as harmonious as always told, and why can Pisces be much more brave than we believe?

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