7rays Concept - 3 Perspectives

7rays is based on three fundamental ideas

Three different perspectives

In man three perspectives come always together: the personality, the soul and the spirit. Astrologically the view of personality corresponds to the common geocentric horoscope and vision of the Earth: Mother Nature and we as her children.

The vision of the soul corresponds astrologically to the heliocentric horoscope. Meanwhile, it is already present in some astrology programs. The interpretation, however, is dufficult for many astrologers, because this interpretation requires a change of perspective the interpreter (the astrologer).

The perspective from the spirit is corresponding astrologically to the perspective of Vulcan. The spiritual horoscope is new and most difficult and withal the easiest to interpret. The one, which belong to, is connected with his soul. In addition he feels something beyond his soul. The spiritual horoscope can give useful information on this topic.

On each level it's recommend a different approach

Questions, the personality may ask

When is a good time to sell a house? Where is my professional career heading? When am I going to meet a new partner? These are questions that are posed by personality. Answers can be found in the geocentric horoscope (Earth as center) by applying the common astrological methods of interpretation. Esoteric astrology discourages from „deterministic“ future telling. The more free man is, the less can be predicted. In this context „free“ means: to be free of the urge to primarily satisfy personal desires (i.e. to primarily react according to instinct).

The wish of soul

The sun horoscope (Sun as center) is about what someone can truly give to the world and what powers are available to him for the sake of others. From this perspective, it is irrelevant what one receives in return. Does the Sun bother whether some of its energy returns back to it? Here, the personality voluntarily subordinates to the soul. Note: In this horsocope Mercury and Venus have the most significant change. Moon, Earth and Moon node are at the same location. The own dream matches with the dream of Mother Nature. She wants all people are going well.

The Spirit

The spiritual horoscope is about the will of god with which one identifies (and unifies). The Sun (Soul) is the instrument to express it. In this case, the soul voluntarily subordinates to the spirit. It is about the work order given to Sun. Note: in the spiritual horoscope, Sun is the planet that changes the most in relation to the other two perspectives.