Astrological consultation

For astrological consultations I need your name, your phone number, your exact time and place of birth.

Contact datas

NameBenjamin Schiller
CityDE 81373-Munich
StreetFuggerstr. 1
Phone+49 172 7787271

What you may expect

Typical topics in the consultation

  • Discussion of urgent concerns
  • Your potentials, gifts and opportunities, fresh impulses
  • Wishes your soul has

I serve the following topics

  • Basic consultation: facilities, gifts, samples, partnership
  • Annual Horoscope: What is this year about?
  • Soul Horoscope: What your soul wants and how your personality usually deals with it

Process and energy exchange

  • A consultation by phone or Skype takes one to one and a half hours. I prepare for it up to half an hour.
  • You can ask as many questions as you want - or let me tell you.
  • After a Skype consultation, you will receive a recording of the conversation by download.

For a consultation I take 80 euros per hour.