The Ascendant

The odyssey through heart, belly and head

The Odyssey is one of the oldest and most influential poetries of Western literature. That it is also one of the oldest astrology books, is largely unknown. It opens a completely new approach to the Ascendant - the Journey trough life. Teiresias, the wise old man from the Odyssey, discloses that magic key.

The odyssey of Ulysses is a journey through the human nature. Each part of the body is assigned there a special statement. A long neck suggests that thought and action are far apart. And when the ears are protected against the sirens, it means to listen to the heart. Homer used each of the major centers - heart, belly and head - in four ways. So it produces twelve ascendants.

The Magic Key of the Odyssey is interpreted for each Ascendant. All interpretations are practically applicable. In this way that ancient knowledge is accessible for everyone. (only as German version available)

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