7rays Concept - Vulcan

7rays is based on three fundamental ideas

Vulcan is classified undiscovered

Apparently, it was spotted twelve times or perhaps more often. These observation data were taken to calculate ephemerides. Still, Vulcan could not yet be "discovered" on the basis of the calculated trajectory. Until today, it remains impossible to find this planet-like lump of matter.

Are there other more obvious possibilities for finding Vulcan?

The Vulcan concept

  • The Secret Doctrine (H.P. Blavatsky) states that the planet is localized between Sun and Mercury. However, Einstein's theory of relativity has sufficiently explained all irregularities in Mercury's trajectory. Hence, there should be no further planets between Sun and Mercury. What if Vulcan is simply not a conventional planet as seen from a materialistic perspective? It may be an abstraction.
  • The center of mass of our solar system would precisely show these kinds of characteristics. It's between Sun and Mercury. Nevertheless it's only an abstract location - a point of synthesis in which all material aspects of our solar system end in. In Greek mythology this fiery almalgamation is known as Hephaestus. The Roman one is Vulcan.
  • Thus, Vulcan would be the invisible innermost aspect and Pluto would be the invisible (for the plain eye) outermost aspect of the solar system. Both of these planets are assigned to the 1st ray. So that the new should be more smooth!