1. Order

For using 7rays (trial or full version) you need an activation code. This will be generated while order and sent to you via email with all other informations. the order is under no obligation. So it works to order a trial version.

2. Download current version of 7rays

Please read and check hardware requirements before installing 7rays.

Download (German) Download (English)

3. Installation

After downloading 7rays please read the short installation manual or start installation directly. It's very similar to other programs.

4. Activation

While the first start of 7rays the program will be activated. After activation a license will be transfered to your computer. Then you can use 7rays. So you activate 7rays.

7rays version as update

If you have installed 7rays already on your computer, you may use the download also for updateing. Changes in current version 2.2.3.