Changes in version 2.2.3

  • Chart printout changed
  • Orbs for planets
  • Orbs for transit, direction, …
  • Many new house systems
  • The profective Ascendant as age spot
  • Settings are visually revised
  • Fixing minor bugs
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Changes in last versions

  • Improvement of Birth Time Rectification
  • Improvement of prognosis charts
  • Birth Time Rectification from E.H. Bailey
  • Export of AAF files
  • Dasha system by Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya
  • Seconds for latitude and longitude
  • While hovering over a planet his aspects will be shown.
  • Ray classification for all planets

Special esoteric topics

  • 9-part introduction to the theory of the Seven Rays
  • Superimposition of personality and soul chart
  • Sun- and moon crosses, well moon phases, ...
  • Personal Sun/Moon crosses (KPK)
  • Zodiacal sign tool tips with rulers, gifts, crises
  • Esoteric color assignment for the Rays
  • Sidereal astrology for all centers (Earth, Sun, Vulcan)
  • Birth Time Rectification from E.H. Bailey