7rays Concept.

Teachings of 7 Rays are integrated into astrology software 7rays.

See triangles of energy and esoteric rays. The 7rays concept.

Deep Symbolism

  • Sabian Symbols
  • Rudhyars Gifts
  • AAB Crises/Qualities
  • Time Key from KPK
  • Color Symbolism of AAB, HPB, KPK, ...

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  • For Pros: Birth Time Rectification from E.H. Bailey

More News from version 2.2.3

7rays - Specialties

  • Ray Triangles
  • Ray classification for planets
  • Esoteric Rulers
  • Personal and Soul Ray
  • Centres: Vulcan, Sun, Earth
  • Sabian Symbols
  • Rudhyars Gifts/Tests

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7rays in use

Germany, Austria, Sitzerland, Italy, Greece, Denmark, India, England, ...

7rays is for daily use.

Astrological consultation

  • Do you need new impulsion?
  • Do you need help in a difficult situation?
  • Do you want to know more about your potentials?

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