Love and Conflict in astrology

When heaven wants to move us

Each planet in our horoscope conveys a special aspect of love. This gives us access to the power that holds everything together inside. Nothing changes you faster than love. When you encounter it, everything you are used to is called into question. Nothing sticks. Love kneads you until you become soft and supple. She is never comfortable, demands everything, but also gives everything so that one day our true essence may fully emerge.

Conflicts can move us just as drastically as love, but in a completely different way. They lead us - not always voluntarily - to our limits and beyond. There are twelve archetypal conflicts in man. They were described thousands of years ago in one of the oldest books known to man: Homer's Odyssey. Of course it's about love again, but also about the longing to find your way back to yourself. Each sign of the zodiac follows its own path.

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